Futures Stars

Futures Stars

C’est l’anniversaire de Sarah : 9 ans déjà !
Thème de l’anniversaire : Futures Stars !

Le Flyer

Le Coupon-Réponse

Le Savon

Le Schampoing

De gauche à droite : Lou, Jeanne, Sarah et Pauline

Diaporama (76 photos)


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  1. Yann dit :

    Hi Haley! Thank you to come to my website! I hope the weather forcast is better now in Missouri 😉 The birthday party was great, Sarah was very happy. There were 6 young crazy « future stars » girls in my flat. I only managed to have a rest at 2 o’clock in the morning… I hope you had a great Christmas and a funny New Year Party!

  2. Anonymous dit :

    Hello Yann- It looks like the birthday party went well. The invitations you were telling me about are adorable. Sarah looks like she had a great time with her friends. Haley Baise in Missouri

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